Why will you benefit from Sex Empathy?

I believe we can all benefit from this practice.

Sex is a wonderful vehicle for enjoyment and connection and yet I believe in our culture it has largely been condemned as shameful and superficial. Well it’s not! Sex is an immensely powerful and largely untapped source of life energy. I believe we owe it to ourselves to enhance and improve our relationship with sex.

So many things in our culture are not given the proper attention. It seems crazy to me that we are simply expected to know how to get the most out of sex. We need guidance and to be taught skills which support our enjoyment and fulfilment in sex.

Most people’s lives can be seriously influenced by the quality of their sex life. If you care about the quality of your life and have the courage to make it as wonderful as possible I believe it is truly worth checking out Sex Empathy to see how it might make a difference to your life. Let’s face it you don’t have much to lose, but you might have a whole lot to gain.

Why choose to see me to help with your sex life? 

Obviously, because of the practice of Sex Empathy I have developed, no one else is doing it!

If you're a man i would say, few men understand women better than me, and few people understand sex, intimacy, connection and empathy better than I do. Combine these two and I offer an incredible insight into alchemy of sexual union with women.

If you're a woman, it might seem strange or scary to go to a man for help with your sex life. Men and women it seems often live in separate worlds. However, what we often need are insights into the opposite sex to develop trust and our own sense of our self empowerment. I'm also unusual in that you will rarely find a man as gentle and caring as me, but one that also has a strong powerful masculine presence. I hope with me you get the best of both worlds, and in doing sobridge the gap within yourself between our sexes. 

Karl Cooper

NZ - 021 035 4458

UK - 077 6156 8517