What is Sex Empathy?

Sex Empathy in a nutshell is about creating deeply fulfilling and connecting sex. Through Sex Empathy you will be more intimately connected and present with yourself and your partner than you previously thought possible. I believe we all long for this type of bliss where sex opens our heart and we feel the presence of fullness and oneness.  

When you hear Sex Empathy think sex that contains some of these key words: connected, pleasurable, present, intimate, meaningful, fulfilling, nurturing and nourishing.

Sex can be magical not just by bringing immense pleasure, but by supporting us to truly open our hearts and embrace life. Increasing pleasure is an important component of Sex Empathy. However, there are many options about how you might want to tailor your own Sex Empathy experience.  For example; you may want to simply focus on how to connect more intimately with your partner, or you may want to find healing and overcome obstacles that hamper your sex life, or you may know you can get more out of sex but don’t know how, or you may want to become a more sensitive and caring lover.

The way you might tailor what you want from Sex Empathy is endless, but what it offers is a clear way forward to greatly improve your sex life and subsequently in my experience it will improve every part of your life.

Karl Cooper

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UK - 077 6156 8517