What others say about Sex Empathy

I think it is interesting why men and women choose to see me so I have asked them. Men say basically your a man who seems to know about women and sex and I can trust you. Women say fundamentally I trust you, I trust you, I trust you and you seem to know about women, but more importantly you know about men.

”Sex Empathy made a real difference to my relationship and what I now think of as my sexual partnership with my husband. I would highly recommend others check it out to see how it might help them.” Charlotte (from Auckland)

“Sex for me has completely changed. I once thought I was pretty good at sex or at least knew what I was doing. Now I realise that was a joke. I feel so much more confident and able to ask for what I want as well as please my partner.” Jason (from Auckland)

“Karl is great! He is so caring and wise. I want to thank him for his patience and gentle guidance which has helped me to largely overcome so much shame that I had around sex. Thank you!” Mellissa (from Auckland)

“I wish I knew now what I know about sex, when I was 18. Sex Empathy has made a massive difference to the way I see sex. I find it so much more now. Its difficult to put words to it but I think if it wasn’t for Karl’s help I would have really missed out. If you are thinking about contacting Karl my advice, do it.” Jean (from Auckland)

Karl Cooper

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