How does Sex Empathy work?

I do provide workshops and if you can bring together a number of people which makes the provision of a workshop viable that might be an option worth discussing with me. However, the most common way of accessing Sex Empathy is through counselling/coaching.

Sex Empathy is a skill which like all practices starts with developing our own abilities. It asks you to become more aware in the first instance of your own mind, body and heart, and from that place be more available to be present with another. We will work out your blocks and challenges which we will gently navigate. We will develop various abilities/skills. We will tailor your journey so that you get the most out of what Sex Empathy has to offer.

Sex Empathy develops a number of key abilities/skills that will change the way we relate to sex:

Self awareness and our ability to deeply connect with ourselves,

Gently face and overcome our fears and shame

Develops our capacity to be vulnerable and open,

Heightens our understanding of receiving and giving pleasure,

Express ourselves more fully and receive others more fully,

Communicate in a way that is more effective and caring,

Be more present and responsive,

Develops our curiosity and creativity,

Provides an understanding of your Masculine and Feminine Energies we all have,

Strengthens our capacity to either hold or surrender,

Validate the other and continually build relationship.

Karl Cooper

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