I'm Karl.




Hi, like you I don't have all the answers, no one does, but what I believe in is sex is the most connecting and enjoyable means to be with another. Not just anyone, but someone special I am choosing to deeply open up to and share this precious and vulnerable space. If this resonates with you then we are on the same page and I can help you create the type of sex and intimacy you previously only dreamed about.

I have got to the place I am today through a great deal of heart ache and disappointment. However, I was driven to find ways to not only feel empowered in my sex life, but to create the kind of connection and intimacy I long for. Sex is a natural and wonderful extension to our lives and as such it cannot be seen as separate, through developing our sex life we develop our lives.

I could tell you that I've previously been an architect and that I now counsel individuals and couples as well as being involved in a few other things, that I've done lots of courses and gained lots of qualifications, which I have. However,  I don't believe in professional organisations or qualifications as such. I don't believe they prove anything about competency. What matters is do you like what you are hearing and are you willing to see if what I have will work for you?

Empathy changed my life. The most powerful way I have found to put empathy into practice is through the teachings of a practice called NVC (NonViolent Communication). I learnt these practices by becoming an NVC trainer and  found a new way of relating to myself and others. However, it has been my preoccupation with relationships and sex that has lead me to focus these skills in this direction, learning all I can about this place labeled sex where we connect intimately with another.

What has helped me support others with relationships and sex is a strong masculine essence which was well balanced by my upbringing that cultivated a strong connection with my feminine. In other words I relate well to both men and women. I'm strong and sensitive, and believe in what I offer. I can guide you and teach you how to find empathy for your self and others and change your life in doing so. It is my desire in life to contribute to others through offering my greatest gifts and in the process share my life intimately with others. 

Life is precious and it is so easy in our culture to go through life never fully connecting with ourselves or others. It is tragic. Our sex life through empathy offers a way forward that meets life fully.

Karl Cooper

NZ - 021 035 4458

UK - 077 6156 8517