If you want to improve your sex life read on

Empathy changes your Perspective on sex

Sex is fun and pleasurable and brings great joy into your life, right?

Unfortunately this statement is so often not the case in my experience. I have talked to and counselled many men and women and sex for the vast majority of them ranges from disappointing to non existent. This is because of our pain/trauma and consequent protective behaviours that are often associated with sex, and our inability to work with our partner to overcome the challenges this presents.

However, I don't think we realise our own power in that we can change our world radically simply by shifting our own perspective. The most powerful way I know of changing our perspective is through Empathy. Self Empathy allows us to deeply connect with ourselves which opens the way to seeing others and our circumstances in a completely new light. While if we can offer another Empathy we not only see them differently, but we see them through our open heart which naturally invites their heart to open so that we can meet one another with warmth, care and love.

Let me introduce you to the power of Sex Empathy I guarantee it will change your sex life for the better whatever your circumstances.

Karl Cooper

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